Workshop – May 2024

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4-Hour Live Webinars / 5 Days a Week / for 2 Weeks

Enjoy a traditional lecture style class combined with real time market analysis for accelerated learning via ZOOM webinar.

  • Learn how to interpret the market’s continuous two-way auction process.
  • Hone your intuition by learning to recognize which information to use and when.
  • Deepen your self-understanding so your psychology is working for not against you.
  • Learn to use repetition and a systematic approach to develop your habits to your advantage.
  • Develop an understanding of common market behaviors versus anomalies and recognize their significance.




Purchase of this workshop includes access to: 10 Webinars (2-4 hours in length). Hosted by Charles Gough via Zoom, between the dates of May 13-24, 2024.

Sessions begin at 11:00 AM eastern, weekdays.

All Sessions are recorded. The videos of the sessions are available for viewing for up to a year after the workshop ends.

Attendees will receive an email no later than May 12th with all the necessary links and information.

Refunds are available by request via email BEFORE May 12, 2024 All purchases are final on May 12, 2024.

For questions or refunds contact Charles:


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